Papa Doug Manchester: Let’s Work Together to Make America Great

Manchester Family

Papa Doug and Geniya Manchester and their children in a photo for their Christmas card.

By Papa Doug Manchester

In the New Year, let us take a moment to reflect on all that is good in our lives, the importance of family and community, and the excitement of a better future ahead. My wife Geniya and I pray that this country will prosper and grow stronger as a nation united.

We hope that our new leadership delivers on a powerful mission to achieve what is honorable, just, and right, and will forge a new vision to lead the world that will benefit all people.

We urge each and every one of us to set new goals to achieve greater heights professionally, personally and spiritually, and we encourage all local leaders and business owners to come together to move our city forward in the most positive way.

Let us continue to celebrate achievement, and stand up for traditional values of service, sacrifice, and honor. May we come together as one to Make America Great again, and show pride for our freedom. May we have compassion toward all, especially those who have been persecuted, and demonstrate a deep and enduring commitment to serving others — with a promise to give back, no matter how big or small.

As I promised in 2016 and reaffirm now, we will continue to dedicate ourselves to uplifting and transforming our community and America’s Finest City. I encourage all of us to do what we can, and I pray that you and your families experience peace, love, and happiness during this joyous season and throughout 2017.

God Bless!

Article from the Times of San Diego