UTSanDiego.com a Leader in Digital Publishing

The new UTSanDiego.com desktop and mobile sites have become an incredible source of success and pride for Papa Doug and the U-T since launching in January 2013 and March 2013, respectively.

To continue the U-T’s progression as a digitally optimized publishing entity, we built a website to appeal to a wider reader demographic, improve the user experience, and create opportunities for multimedia advancement. The desktop and mobile iterations allow the U-T reader to expand their traditional subscription or switch over to an entirely digital experience. The new sites feature extensive photo galleries and integrated video, more prominent headlines and images, and “Editor’s Picks” for instant, balanced consumption of U-T content. Both the desktop and mobile versions of UTSanDiego.com also connect to key social media channels and email so users are able to easily share content with friends.

Perhaps the biggest update to UTSanDiego.com comes in the form of site navigation. Desktop site users can enjoy straightforward news categories, an organized dropdown menu, and one-click access to the U-T’s newest articles; while mobile users are able to browse key news topics, galleries, and editor selections via a “single tap” experience. UTSanDiego.com delivers an integrated, convenient way for longtime and new readers alike to connect with the stories that impact San Diego in a format suited to their unique lifestyle.

For more information on the redesigned site, visit UTSanDiego.com.