Austin Celebrates a New Skyline with an Iconic Spire Designed by Gensler

With architectural spire complete on Fairmont Austin, skyline is dramatically changed

AUSTIN, TX – Austin has an inspiring new skyline and the second tallest tower, thanks to
Fairmont Austin reaching its pinnacle. This week, Gensler, architect of the Fairmont Austin,
will put the final touches on a special “lighted crown” that will both surround and illuminate
the hotel’s signature, 170-foot tall architectural spire. That spire adorns the top of the elegant
452-foot tall, 1,048-room luxury hotel, which is located at 101 Red River Street. All told,
Fairmont Austin’s height rises 590 feet. The combination of size and height make it Austin’s
largest hotel, and second tallest building.

The spire is comprised of galvanized and epoxy-painted cylindrical tube steel, and its 170-foot
height is the maximum allowed by the Federal Aviation Administration, according to Gensler.
The new crown can be lit any color, or an array of colors, and will begin being programmed
with various visual displays this week. As dusk falls, the spire will often be illuminated with
calm white lighting, which depending on the occasion, can be scaled from subtle hues to
dynamic applications of more than 15 million colors, including “chasing” light displays, where
the lights sequentially flash on and off.

“The Fairmont hotel sits at Cesar Chavez and I-35, a key point of entry to downtown Austin.
The spire stands atop the building as a beacon, marking that place—welcoming visitors to
Austin,” said Pete Chalfant, Gensler’s Project Manager of the Fairmont, who is based in its
Austin office.

Presently, the tallest building on Austin’s skyline is the Austonian at 683 feet. The debut of
Fairmont Austin makes it the second tallest at 590 feet, followed now by 360 Condominiums,
at 581 feet.

Douglas Manchester, President of Manchester Texas Financial Group, the project’s developer,
said, “We are excited and committed to delivering an iconic hotel and look forward to
providing best-in-class service for locals, businesses and tourists.” Reservations are presently
being accepted for hotel rooms beginning in late November.

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