A Christmas Message from Papa Doug: A Day to Count Blessings and Share Happiness

Dear fellow San Diegans,

Christmas is ever spiritual because it celebrates the birth of a child more than 2,000 years ago whose arrival on Earth defines all the dates of history. No other individual, before or since, has so influenced mankind as Jesus Christ. As the dawn breaks on this Christmas morning, we rise to celebrate the day marking the birth of the Christ child, a day dedicated to “good tidings of great joy.”

We pray for families of all kinds to be able to gather together; happiness means most when it is shared. The holidays can be a time where people of all faiths celebrate shared happiness; the thoughtfulness of loved ones is a jewel of unmatched splendor. We pray for children all over the world to have the chance for joy and expectation to ring in their hearts.

When I was in my early years of grade school in Coronado, I sold the San Diego Union each morning at the Coronado Ferry building. This was one of my first jobs, and it helped forge my work ethic and sense of responsibility. Never did I imagine, during those early mornings in Coronado, that I would develop the hotels and convention center across the bay or end up as the 10th publisher of The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Ever since then, I have come to love our San Diego as the finest city in the greatest country in the world. I give thanks to God for the gift of being able to live in this wonderful city. I would particularly like to thank all of the military and their families who live in San Diego. These many Navy and Marines are the best and brightest. Their sacrifices and efforts to protect our freedom are so very much appreciated, and we are proud and happy they are fellow San Diegans.

I pray that ownership of the U-T will provide me the opportunity to support our community, promote the economic strength of the region and improve the lives of all San Diegans.

I take the stewardship of San Diego’s primary and most significant media very seriously. We will adhere to the highest standard of journalistic integrity and objectivity. We will do our part to be a positive force in our diverse community as we create a superior newspaper and a complement of digital information sources.

It is our prayer that this holiday season will provide each of you and your families with blessings and happiness. Everyone at the U-T, along with me personally, would like to extend to all of San Diego a very merry Christmas, happy holidays and a prosperous new year.

Douglas F. Manchester

Chairman and Publisher

P.S. Congratulations Douglas and Lauren

Publisher’s Note: A Day to Count Blessings and Share Happiness